Phil Stone hosts all new podcast, Changing The Game, exploring the latest trends in wellness through the first-hand experiences of professional athletes, fitness experts, scientists and industry trailblazers. In-depth interviews reveal personal struggles, strategies and successes in achieving health and happiness in our modern age. Today, we have greater access to holistic remedies and alternative medicines than ever before. Combined with huge advancements in technology, that gives us great opportunity but an often overwhelming array of choices.

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Broadcast Excellence
Football, Baseball, Golf, Swimming, Cycling, Boxing, Basketball, Track & Field, Gymnastics, Figure Skating

Professionalism Defined
5 Emmy Awards - On-Air Talent & Producer
Poltergeist - (Steven Spielberg) Voiceover
Babe Ruth - On-camera part of Yankee announcer Graham McNamee
2 Press Club Awards - Writing
1 Golden Mic - Award Television Talent of the Year

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"Phil's play-by-play and interviewing skills are right up there with the best in our business."

- Dick Enborg, CBS Sports

"I was teamed with Phil for my first two network telecasts. He was so smooth, so polished, attributes I have tried to emulate every Saturday in the booth. Thanks Phil, for taking this rookie under your wing."

- Bob Griese, NCAA Football Analyst, ABC Sports


"I called UCLA games with Phil. As a teacher and a broadcaster, you want Phil Stone on your team."

- Bill Walton, Basketball Hall of Famer

"I have Phil Stone to thank for showing me what it takes to succeed in baseball broadcasting. He prepares for every game like it’s a World Series telecast. In my opinion, Phil is as good as it gets.”

- Joe Morgan, Baseball Analyst, NBC Sports


"For 6 straight years, Phil made my Top 12 play-by-play list. He is articulate and does his homework. He is New Year’s Day caliber."

Rudy Martzke, Columnist, USA Today